The Benefits of a Fish Diet for Dogs

An excellent source of nutrients, fish comes with a long list of benefits which will help aid your dog's health. The amino acid profile of fish closely matches that required for muscle growth and development, meaning a fish diet is great for all breeds and life stages of dogs.

A good source of protein, fish is relatively low in saturated fats and is high in good vitamins and healthy properties. A fish diet is also a good alternative for any dogs who suffer food sensitivities to meat, soya and dairy products.

The omega oils and natural minerals found in fish provide a variety of wonderful properties that aid a dogs health, including joint mobility, coat condition (reducing dry and itchy skin) and reducing inflammation which can often lead to conditions such as; dermatitis, arthritis and renal disease. Omega’s three and six are also highly beneficial for brain and eye development.

While it may have a long list of benefits most importantly dogs love fish - both the aroma and the flavour!

Oceanic is a super-premium range of complete dog foods and treats rich in fresh fish. Made from over 50% highly nutritious and extremely tasty fish, Oceanic is made without cereals, soya and dairy products. Oceanic dog food also contains omega 3 oils for skin, coat and brain development, a prebiotic to aid with digestion and well known joint supplements glucosamine and chondroitin, making it an ideal food for all dogs including those with sensitivities.

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